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How we helped a husband and wife team set up the right business structure for their needs

  • Client details

    • Sector:Professional services
    • Type:Multinational consultancy
    • Location:Edinburgh
  • Services we provide

  • What was the problem?

    Our clients were a husband and wife team working in consultancy with large multinational clients requiring varying services from each of them.

    They were unsure of what business structure would suit them best and how to best extract money from the business.

    They also wanted to understand the implications of growing the team and allowing new business partners to come on board.

  • How we helped find a solution

    We spoke to our clients at length to understand the role of each of them in the business, how the projects worked, who would be doing what and for how much time and how flexible they wanted to be with extracting money from the business.

    We put together a recommendation for them based on a limited liability partnership structure which allowed them to take varying profit shares and also to bring on new partners when needed.

    We also introduced them to a solicitor who set up a partnership agreement for them which allowed them as much flexibility as they needed.

  • What was the outcome?

    Our clients are now expanding the business and have brought on new partners making use of the existing structure we set up and adding to it whenever necessary. They are happy that this structure is still flexible enough for them whilst being tax efficient and ready for growth.

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