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Introduction to Beyond the Numbers
  • How are you going to get a mortgage if you have a limited company?

    Posted: 19 Nov November|Top tips,

    You've seen this great house that you absolutely love and it's perfect for you. The kids love it and the garden is perfect for the dog! Fabulous news. Can you afford it? That's when you go along to see your mortgage adviser who says, "can I have the last three payslips please so that I can tell you how much you can afford to borrow?" Hmmmm, this is where it starts to unravel a bit because it's not as easy as that is it? If you are an owner of a limited company and you pay yourself a small amount of salary and a larger amount of dividends, your last three payslips aren't going to Read more

  • I never seem to have enough money to pay my corporation tax – why?

    Posted: 19 Aug August|Top tips,

    Do you get to that dreaded date each year when your corporation tax bill is due for payment but you don't have enough money in the bank to pay it? Or, do you get your accounts back from your accountant only to find out that you have drawn too much money out of the business and not saved enough to cover the tax bill when the time comes? If you have a limited company, the chances are that you will have to pay corporation tax on the profits the company makes. But with everything else that you have to think about when running a small business, you may let it slip your mind. Lots of bus Read more

  • All I have to do is increase sales – right?

    Posted: 19 Mar March|Top tips,

    You probably hear and read about companies achieving amazing sales growth all the time. When you hear this do you wonder how they did it and think that you would love to do this for your own business? There are so many posts, articles, seminars, training webinars etc about sales nowadays, so you'd be forgiven for thinking that all you have to do is increase your sales and hey presto, success! But is it really as easy as all that? If you're looking for growth in your business, here are a few tips on what to watch out for so that the growth results in happy customers, happy team and hap Read more

  • How do I know what I need to know to run my business?

    Posted: 19 Feb February|Top tips,

    We’re living in a world of information overload, so much content available at the click of a mouse that it’s quite overwhelming at times. If you’re anything like me, you probably try to sift through all the facts, figures, data, shared knowledge, videos, articles, newsletters etc. that come at you from all angles every day, to get to the bits that might be useful to you. It’s not really that easy though is it? You might find yourself asking what you actually need to know to run your business successfully and achieve your goals. Well, to help streamline this down for you, he Read more

  • Is HMRC always right?

    Posted: 19 Jan January|Tax news,Top tips,

    The short answer is NO! This morning we spent half an hour on the 'phone to HMRC getting some incorrect HMRC tax calculations changed on tax returns we submitted in December for clients. We had filed the returns with the correct calculations and HMRC sent back their version of events, which in each case was incorrect. So, how can you be sure that HMRC gets it right? You need an expert eye to look things over for you, it's the only way to have peace of mind that you are paying only the right amount of tax. In the future there will be no tax returns and everyone will have a digital t Read more

  • Happy new tax year – or is it???

    Posted: 18 Apr April|Tax news,Top tips,

    So today is the first day of the new tax year - so what? As from today you may find that you have a bit more or a bit less in your hand after tax depending on how much you earn, how you are paid and even where you live! As from today the amount that anyone can earn without paying income tax has gone up to £11,850 per year. So far so good! If you are lucky enough (?) to be a higher rate taxpayer, the amount you can earn before moving into that 40% tax bracket goes up to £46,350 from today - provided you don't live in Scotland. That all sounds great doesn't it? Well, if you a Read more

  • Top ten learnings from an inspiring week

    Posted: 17 Oct October|Top tips,

    At the end of a fabulous week of learning, starting with the fantastic Brad Sugars on Monday and then with the inspiring conference from AVN yesterday #AVNCONF, I thought I would jot down some of the nuggets I have taken away from this week, so here are my top 10: 1. Measure client happiness and the bottom line will follow 2. Money is silent applause for a job well done 3. Once you have chosen a lane, make sure you stay in it, don't be distracted by the apparently faster moving lane beside you 4. Don't get paid for what you do, get paid for who you are 5. Change your communicati Read more

  • Struggling to find focus?

    Posted: 17 Sep September|Top tips,

    If you're running a small business, the chances are that your "to do" list is so long that it actually becomes blurred when you are looking at it. Sometimes, you're so busy firefighting or reacting to the demands of customers, suppliers, employees and HMRC that your list of priorities looks more like this: It may seem impossible to sort out the important, life-changing or even what's essential for the survival of the business from the day to day minutiae clogging up your thinking - but really, it's not! All you need is someone who is not working with you day by day in your busines Read more

  • Cash flow getting you down?

    Posted: 17 Aug August|Top tips,

    The VAT bill is due, the corporation tax bill is due, the wages need to be paid and your biggest customer has not yet paid you for the last two months - aaarrgghh! Sound familiar? There is nothing more likely than cash flow problems to keep a small business owner awake at night when they should be getting that all important beauty sleep. Don't despair, though, there may be some things that you can do which will help ease the pain and let you carry on with running your business without that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. First of all, try calling HMRC and negotiating a Read more

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