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Introduction to Beyond the Numbers

Is HMRC always right?

The short answer is NO!

This morning we spent half an hour on the ‘phone to HMRC getting some incorrect HMRC tax calculations changed on tax returns we submitted in December for clients.

We had filed the returns with the correct calculations and HMRC sent back their version of events, which in each case was incorrect.

So, how can you be sure that HMRC gets it right? You need an expert eye to look things over for you, it’s the only way to have peace of mind that you are paying only the right amount of tax.

In the future there will be no tax returns and everyone will have a digital tax account with automatic calculation of tax due to be paid.

Some people may think that this will mean that they don’t need an accountant any more and that they won’t have to bother about whether they are paying the right amount of tax.

But why let HMRC decide for you? Wouldn’t you rather be reassured by someone who knows you and your affairs and can make sure that everything is in order?

If you have a small business, there are so many different areas of tax to think about, plan for and deal with. Why leave it to chance when you can put tax in the hands of an expert while you go and run your business?

If you fancy a chat over a coffee about how to get some peace of mind, then why not get in touch?


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