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Introduction to Beyond the Numbers

This is a message from HMRC – or is it?

Yesterday one of our clients received a telephone call which was an automated message claiming to be from HMRC.

The message stated that he had not returned forms, was being prosecuted for tax avoidance and even that there was a warrant out for his arrest.

The message asked him to call another number which would have led him to a “make a payment” option.

Luckily he was smart enough to get in touch with us to ask if this was a true call from HMRC and we were able to reassure him that he doesn’t owe any tax or documents and that his affairs are all in perfect order.

This is a scam message which is being used to prey particularly on the elderly and vulnerable.

If you do get any such message it will not be from HMRC. HMRC does not operate in this way.

Other scams include email messages stating that a tax refund is due and asking for bank details, text messages asking you to provide information of various types and even social media messaging.

HMRC will never ask you to provide personal information by text or email and will never send you a form to complete or a link to another website to claim a refund or make a payment.

Please share this so that everyone is aware of this scam and if possible report it to HMRC if it happens to you?

We are of course here to give you any help or guidance you may need so do get in touch if you have any questions?


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